Landscaping Tips For Living Big in Small Spaces

April is here and spring time has arrived. As the weather warms and you move more of your activities outside, a few changes can help make the most of your outdoor living space. Even if you have limited landscaping room, there are many ways to make your lawn & landscape seem larger. Follow some of our tips we’ve compiled as a starter.

Landscaping An Illusion Of Space

  • Prune trees high and choose trees with foliage, fruit or branching habits that will encourage you to look up. Small-leaf kinds of trees like Japanese maples or flowering cherries also help the surrounding yard look larger.
  • Build raised beds to bring plants higher and layer plants-bulbs, flowers, even vines and shrubs-for effect.
  • Use lighting to highlight your landscape’s best features and to draw the eye to the far end of your property.

Landscaping Design For Special Effects

  • Divide large spaces into smaller spaces by adding points of interest and creating views.
  • Create a focal point, like a birdbath or attractive plant, for each area.
  • Use color. Reds and oranges will draw things closer, while blues will fade to the background.
  • Add movement with wind chimes, ornamental grasses or other decor.
  • Mix angles, circles and lines by using paths, borders and fence lines to add fresh perspectives.

Landscaping Your Garden To Reflect Your Taste

Most importantly, your landscaping should reflect your personal style and tastes. It should be designed to suit your uses and to make you feel “at home” when you are. If you really enjoy the area and it serves your needs and taste, it will never seem quite as small. Create an outdoor living environment with character, quality and excellence. If you are unsure of what you might want done, you can contact our professionals for a free consultation to create your unique landscaping vision.