2015 Landscape Improvement Award Winner

Very proud of our Residential Landscape Team for the design & installation of a 2015 Landscape Improvement Award!

Description of Project: The notion introduced in the design of this project was based around an Asian theme to mimic the home’s unique architecture. Our client wanted something different for the entry and our designer produced a design with a grand entrance to the home with a custom built over-sized limestone walkway. The project included grading, drainage, landscaping, sod, walkway/sidewalk set on concrete piers, and irrigation system renovations.

Special or Unusual Problems Encountered: Our design had to include many areas of drainage solutions due to the natural grade and slopes in the front of the house. We used mixed size Mexican cobble to hide the drainage areas and used catch basins to retain water and provide proper exits off the property. The Asian themed strategy utilized many unique plantings and the design centered around the custom cut Indiana limestone walkway. We wanted the walkway to look like it was elevated and “floating” to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. In order to make this happen, as well as provide level ground and prevent cracking of the limestone, we had to form and pour concrete piers to place the limestone pieces. The limestone pieces were mortared onto the concrete to provide a stable base for years to come. The limestone slabs were hand-polished to provide the homeowner a shiny finish that receives beautiful water reflections from the windows off the lake-front property.

Work Performed by Others: Sturgis Materials – Cut & hand-polished limestone slabs